Treat Snoring The First Night And Get Peaceful Sleep

Snoring can cause day-time tiredness and resentment in relationships. Effectively treat your snoring problems with the FDA-cleared VitalSleep mouthpiece and wake up feeling well-rested.

The only anti-snoring mouthpiece with the Accu-Adjust System that has helped over 210,000 snorers sleep quietly.

Choose from 2 sizes. Guaranteed to fit.

  • Restful Sleep Guaranteed: VitalSleep quiets snoring by opening your airway so you can get restful sleep.
  • Safe and Effective: FDA-cleared mouthpiece that treats the root cause of snoring for improved breathing and healthier sleep.
  • Adjustable and Comfortable: Accu-Adjust System allows for a custom fit without costly doctor visits or uncomfortable contraptions.
  • Increase Intimacy: Silence your snoring and stop keeping your wife or husband awake.

  • "VitalSleep has improved my sleep.""My wife can sleep!"Lorne Ray, Hendersonville, NC
  • "I slept through the night.""It could make a dramatic difference to your sleep quality."Dr. Alan Hedge, Cornell NY

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Sale Price: $59.95, 2 for $99.95

Free Shipping Today & 60-Night Money Back Guarantee

End The Frustration Your Snoring Is Causing

Snorers are 3 times more likely to suffer from negative health conditions than non-snorers. Join the hundreds of thousands of people who've said goodbye to being part of "the walking dead" and are now getting a sound night’s sleep.

  • Restore Intimacy to the Bedroom
    Stop keeping your loved one awake and share peaceful sleep together.

  • Breathe Easily, Sleep Quietly
    Custom, moldable fit with adjustable jaw positioning to open your airway.

  • Comfortable and Effective
    Flexible and easy to use. FDA cleared for effectiveness and safety.

  • Choose From 2 Sizes
    Select fromregular size for men or small size for woman for improved fit.

  • 1 Year Of Free Replacements
    365-night unconditional product warranty & 60-Night Money Back Guarantee

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Reclaim A Good Night's Sleep, For You and Your Partner

Don’t let snoring negatively affect the sleep that goes on in your bedroom.
Enjoy deep, restful sleep and get the quality sleep you deserve.

The Only Snoring Solution With The Custom Accu-Adjust System

The patented adjustment system gently moves your lower jaw forward to open your airway for improved breathing and quiet sleep.

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100% Risk-Free Trial and 1 Year Warranty

If Vitalsleep doesn't help you or your partner sleep quietly simply contact us within 60 days and we'll return your money. You don't even have to return the used device.

  • Regular Size for MenReg Price: $79.95. Sale Price: $59.95
  • Small Size for WomenReg Price: $79.95. Sale Price: $59.95

Over 210,000 Happy Sleepers and Counting

Transform how you feel in the morning and experience healthy sleep. Your order also includes free same-day shipping!

  • "I'm waking up much more rested.""It changed my sleeping habits and the way I feel."Louise Rosen, Austin, TX
  • "I've gotten the best night's sleep.""I'd recommend it to anybody."Paul Madonna, Hawthorne, NJ

  • I have been using it for about a month, and along with a "Snore" app, I have gone from 75% snoring throughout the night to practically zero."

    B. Mealer, Wauseon, OH
  • "The fit is perfect! Without adjusting the unit my girlfriend said my snoring was at a minimum. Overall, I'm super happy with my VitalSleep device!

    Bryan Thompson, Jackson, NJ
  • "I am very pleased with the results and the fit, which is much more comfortable than some of your competition.

    P. Levine, Irvington, NY
Choose from 2 sizes. Guaranteed to fit.